The Animals Escape in a New Board Game Illustration by Thomas James

Cover Illustration by Thomas James

Illustrator Thomas James has created the cover art for a super-fun new cooperative board game called Zoo Break, now available for pre-order here!

About the game:

“A computer malfunction at the Bedlam Zoo has short-circuited the gates for all the enclosures and the animals are slowly but surely escaping toward the zoo exit. Your goal is simple: work with your fellow zookeepers to get all the animals back in their enclosures and lock them in before too many exit the zoo.

Sounds easy, right? But things get tricky because you need different tools to catch different types of animals. And some of the animals are dangerous! Can you acquire the necessary supplies, capture all the animals, and lock the cages before it’s too late?”

Click here to find out more about the game!


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Michelle Kondrich is a commercial artist and animator specializing in editorial illustration. She is also skilled at creating animated GIFs, storyboards, and whiteboard animation/video scribes. Her work gives a narrative feel to even the most conceptual ideas and she is passionate about solving problems in often surprising ways. Michelle is the creator and host of Creative Playdate, a podcast for people pursuing creative careers while raising children. You can find her portfolio and the podcast at

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One Comment on “The Animals Escape in a New Board Game Illustration by Thomas James”

  1. May 8, 2018 at 12:23 am #

    That looks fun xx


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