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Floral illustration on products by La Scarlatte


I really want to introduce you to La Scarlatte / Pauline Teunissen, a freelance illustrator, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Her very delicate work is used on various products, from clothes, to products, illustrations for magazines to bedsheets.

That is something I like a lot when I’m  browsing through somebodies portfolio. Because often times we think about illustration on ‘paper’, but look how beautiful it looks when it’s part of a product design for example, or when people can wear it!

Hopefully this will inspire you to create something like a ‘product’ for your portfolio.

Do you have any idea? Let us know in the comments!



Follow La Scarlatte here:

 @lascarlatte on Instagram to see her current projects and work in progress.
To see her portfolio

 “By blending textures and organic shapes she creates a beautiful combination that moves rhythmically and sometimes repeats as a pattern. Her work embraces every organism and object, it offers a place for people to wander carefree spaces (where even death is beautiful) and tales of forgotten worlds can be discovered.”