Creative Playdate Episode 23: Selina Alko

In episode 23, I interview children’s book author and illustrator, Selina Alko. We met briefly at ICON10 in Detroit where she was serving as the VP (thanks to Scott Bakal for the introduction) and I was happy to have the chance to chat with her in a more conversational setting.

Selina grew up in Canada and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She has two children who are in the middle of adolescence and we talk about what that looks like at home. We discuss the challenges and benefits of raising biracial children in New York and we also talk about whether or not being a mother slowed down her career.

Creative Playdate is syndicated at Illustration Age.

The theme music was created by Thomas James and Jason Ritz.

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Michelle Kondrich is a commercial artist and animator specializing in editorial illustration. She is also skilled at creating animated GIFs, storyboards, and whiteboard animation/video scribes. Her work gives a narrative feel to even the most conceptual ideas and she is passionate about solving problems in often surprising ways. Michelle is the creator and host of Creative Playdate, a podcast for people pursuing creative careers while raising children. You can find her portfolio and the podcast at

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3 Comments on “Creative Playdate Episode 23: Selina Alko”

  1. katherinejlegry
    February 20, 2019 at 8:48 am #

    Why do you call it a “playdate” when you feature females? Why are you reducing you and other female artists to preschool kids? Wha is with the infantilization?

  2. katherinejlegry
    February 22, 2019 at 10:23 am #

    I see your reviewing children’s book art… so I get it after exploring more of your interviews. Children’s books are wonderful.
    I’d like to see Illustration Age actually feature female artists other than what pleases mommies or “hookers” tho. So far after all these years it’s gotten more and more male even when ya’ll feature females.
    Anyhow, no offense. I was a preschool teacher and I am an artist… looking for more than play dates and or the alternative… an in what seduces men.
    Thanks for the forum you guys and gals.

  3. katherinejlegry
    February 22, 2019 at 10:45 am #

    And no worries, I won’t be following or commenting or bugging ya’ll Illustration Age people again. So not that you woulda, but NO need to reply. I was looking for murals from an old wordpress site I use to look at… and I couldn’t find them anymore. But I re-found your site… instead. And then I saw what ya’ll were featuring… and welp… oh well. It’s not your fault I’m disappointed.
    It’d be nice if children’s books mattered in the face of climate change and Trump world, but so far we females aren’t in power enuff yet to make them REAL. Nice to hold out sum hope tho. Good for U ladies for trying… Kudos.
    Beautiful is goodness.


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