Comics Illustrator of the Week: Mitch Gerads

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Mitch Gerads

Featured Art(top):   Mister Miracle #10 cover B

Origin:  Artist Mitch Gerads has built his comics career matching the trailblazing work of writers like Nathan Edmondson(The Activity, Punisher) and Tom King(Sheriff of Babylon, Mister Miracle). with ingenious and powerful visuals.  He was recently nominated for a Ringo Industry Award for Best Artist for his work on breakout hit Mister Miracle(DC, 2017-18)!

Base of Operations:  Phoenix, AZ

Media:  pen/ink, digital

Credits:  Batman, Love is Love, Punisher, Sheriff of Babylon, Vigilante: Southland, and many more!

Links:  @MitchGerads  ::  Comic Sketch Art page

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website – Andy Yates

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Categories: Comics

Author:Andy Yates

Andy is a freelance illustrator, and animator. He writes about comics at See his work at

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2 Comments on “Comics Illustrator of the Week: Mitch Gerads”

  1. August 7, 2018 at 8:45 am #

    FYI those Sheriff of Babylon covers are J.P. Leon not Mitch.

    • Andy Yates
      August 7, 2018 at 9:27 am #

      Thanks for the correction, Matt. I should’ve noticed the difference in style.
      I replaced those covers with a couple of Gerads interior pages, plus another great Punisher cover. John Paul Leon is an amazing artist, too. Maybe, he’ll be featured here in the future!


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