52 Shades of Greed

52 Shades of Greed is a fully illustrated deck of finance and OWS-themed playing cards with drawings from 28 top illustrators and art directed by Daniel Nyari and Illustration Age’s own Marc Scheff!
A huge undertaking, completed in record time, 52 Shades of Greed is a testament to what illustrators can do in collaboration. The deck is beautifully illustrated and currently available exclusively through Rocket Hub for a limited time.

See the full deck >>

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Categories: New Illustration

Author:Marc Scheff

Marc Scheff is an illustrator whose work has appeared in publications including Spectrum, ImagineFX, and more. Marc teaches illustration at the Academy of Art University, podcasts with the good people at Drawn Today, and recently co-founded Awesome Horse Studios, the free livestream demo/crit channel. See and learn more at: www.marcscheff.com

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