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The Art of Ballpoint: New Book That’s More Than it Seems

The Art of Ballpoint by Matt Rota

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Empty Zone! A new comic and kickstarter from Jason Shawn Alexander



Empty Zone” is a heart wrenching ghost story of a woman confronted by her complicated past, and forced to choose between redemption and damnation. Set in the future of a visually rich, fragmented world of corrupt privatized governments amidst everything from street gangs modified with deadly animalistic implants to reanimated corpses stalking the streets like remote controlled toys, “Empty Zone’s” world is grimly ethereal and haunting.

Jason is an Eisner nominated Artist/Creator/Writer, with working experience on numerous titles including Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Batman, Escapists, Superman, and Queen and Country. Though primarily painting for gallery exhibitions over the past five years, Jason has consistently maintained his presence in comics. He recently illustrated Batman, Creepy, and Hellraiser. He is now moving into the world of a creator-owned original series with “Empty Zone.

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Chris Murray’s TMNT for iam8bit/Paramount pictures

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Temple of Art with Kent Williams, David Mack, and more

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A Gorgeous Art Book from Rebecca Guay

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Bold Portraits from Matt Rota

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Captain Blackbeard Chickadee from Corina St. Martin

Fresh off the easel from Corina St. Martin. It is a special pleasure to post this today, as I have followed Corina’s work through it’s evolution to it’s current state of colorful animal portraits that pop. Corina is living proof that persistence is the key to a career in illustration, and she’s got that in spades.

See her pop art pet portraits here >>