Workbook understands creative buyers and how they search for talent.

Our package of Workbook, workbook.com and Workbook Directory gives you multiple ways of connecting to the most active and influential creatives in the industry today.

Workbook Portfolio

Workbook Portfolio provides easy-to-use portfolio website creation, management and traffic reporting tools developed exclusively for professional illustrators and their representatives. We give you the flexibility to create, launch, and update your site immediately, without technical know-how or previous experience.

Art Directors choose online as their medium of choice, and Workbook.com is the number one online portal for the creative industry with 1000+ visitors every day.

In collaboration with Illustration Age, we’re offering a 20% discount on an online portfolio with monthly payment plans.

Workbook Annual

Workbook 2016 will be in the hands – twice a year – of creative buyers in the US, Canada and parts of Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America. Distributed to the major buyers at advertising agencies, design studios, editorial and Fortune 500 companies, the Workbook remains the most trusted resource for great talent.

Workbook Directory

The most accurate and up-to-date source to find creative industry contacts, the Workbook Directory is now available to help you get your work seen by all the right people.

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