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Comics Illustrator of the Week: Claudia SG Ianniciello

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Claudia SG Ianniciello

Featured Art(top):   Assassin’s Creed: Origins #4 Cover B

Origin:  Claudia Ianniciello AKA “ScarletGothica” graduated in Architecture at the Roma Tre University and attended a professional school for illustrators called Scuola Internazionale di Comics.  In addition to cover art, she’s also worked in comics as a colorist.

Base of Operations:  Rome, Italy

Media:  traditional: acrylic, pen & ink, mixed media, etc.

Credits:  Ares Film, Ballistic, Doctor Who, Editions Ricordi, Polizia di Stato, Titan Publishing, and many more!

Link:  artstation.com/claudiasg

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