Illustrated Political Emojis from The Nib



The Nib, a site churning out political satire, journalism and non-fiction comics has released a set of emoji stickers for those times when a smiley face or a thumbs up just won’t do. Nibmojis are just the ticket when you need to say it with a dumpster fire, a vomiting Trump, Hillary throwing shade, a kneeling Kaepernick or when you want to keep it 100ish.

This constantly updated set of over 70 politically charged and pop culture images, will up your texting and tweeting game with cartoonists such as KC Green of This is Fine fame, Matt Bors, founder of The Nib, Eleri Harris, Keith Knight, Matt Lubchansky, Brian McFadden, Andy Warner, Kendra Wells and Illustration Age’s own Mark Kaufman. Available for iOS 9.0 and later, an Android version is on the way.

Check it out here.




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