The Simple Cool Characters of Yusaku Hanakuma


Ok, so way before ‘Walking Dead’ I found a comic called ‘Tokyo Zombie’ and fell in love with it. The two main characters, one with a huge Afro and the other balding, named Fujio and Mitsuo respectively, find themselves in a Zombie ridden wasteland in Tokyo. The story takes unexpected twists and turns for the genre and we find ourselves learning martial arts moves in battles to the death with zombies, what’s not to like?

The illustrations themselves are very simple linework with none of the big-eyed, neatly rendered characters normally found in Japanese manga, and have a wonderful sense of humour. These are the creations of Yusaku Hanakuma a Japanese illustrator and comic book artist.

The comic then became a live action film and Hanakuma continues to work up his characters for various campaigns, book covers and posters the latest one being for safety and manner messages on the Odakyu line in Tokyo.




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Author:Andrea Innocent

I fell in love with a pencil. I hold him tightly every day and take him everywhere I go. I had no choice but to become an illustrator. You can see more of my work at

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