Akiko Stehrenberger: Posters of New Hollywood

Akiko Stehrenberger kiss_of_the_damned_700px

A quick review of the work of Art Director and illustrator  Akiko Stehrenberger and one thing is clear, the golden age of the movie poster is now. Not some far off time, deep in the history of Hollywood. The diversity of style and technical achievement is stunning. Whether it’s aping an old illustration vernacular or creating something new and fresh, these are prestige projects all around. Is there an Academy Award for for film poster design?


Akiko Stehrenberger funny_games_700

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Author:Mark Kaufman

Mark Kaufman is a partner at Vivitiv, an issue oriented design firm providing creative services for organizations involved in housing, technology issues, education, the environment, and the arts. His illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, The Progressive, National Lampoon, The Stranger, and The Oxford American. Mr. Kaufman writes and draws the comic strips American Affairs Desk and I Drew This Thing. Mark is Vice President Communications, ICON9 The Illustration Conference and is an editor at Illustration Age. Mark Kaufman's Illustration Site ///// Vivitiv Issue Oriented Design

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One Comment on “Akiko Stehrenberger: Posters of New Hollywood”

  1. April 3, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

    Reblogged this on ducedesign and commented:
    I heartily agree with this blogger. These are fantastical, smart and soon to be classic movie posters. Particularly like ‘Kiss of the Damned’ but overall this is a very inspiring body of work! Just had to share…


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