The First Steps of Hand Lettering with Mary Kate McDevitt

Pattern Design I: Creating Repeats with Elizabeth Olwen

Editorial Illustration: Draw Idioms with Mikey Burton

Character Illustration: From Concept to Final with Matt Kaufenberg

Design a Playful Character with Geometric Shapes

Character Concept Art: From Grayscale to Full Color Illustration

Building Character 1: Design and Sketch Your Character

Photoshop for Illustrators with Matt Kaufenberg

Digital Illustration: Doodles to Designs w/Jon Burgerman

Simple Character Animation w/ Fraser Davidson

Making Your First Zine with Kate Bingaman-Burt

Mastering Inking: Basic and Pro Techniques with Yuko Shimizu

Combining Analog and Digital Media w/Tom Froese

Lettering for Designers: One Letter at a Time with Jessica Hische

Watercolor Workshop: Create With Confidence

Handmade Textures & Halftones for Illustrators

Illustrating Patterns: Hand-Drawn Wallpaper with Julia Rothman

Intro to Symbol Design with Edward Boatman

Chalkboard Lettering with Lauren Hom

Logo Design: Building with Shape, Type, and Color with Aaron Draplin

Vintage Hand-Lettering with Mary Kate McDevitt

Editorial Illustration: Communicating an Idea Visually

Digital Illustration with Color/Pattern/Texture – Brad Woodward

Improvised Illustration w/ Roman Muradov

Expressive Illustration w/ Roman Muradov

Designing Graphic T-Shirts w/ Brandon Rike

Cut Paper Illustration with Sara Barnes

Animating with Ease in After Effects w/ Jake Bartlett

Isolating the Linework in Your Illustrations

Digitally Color Your Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Art School Boot Camp – Harnessing Color in Your Illustrations

Vector Illustration: Playing With Texture

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