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Comics Illustrator of the Week: Zander Cannon

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Zander Cannon

Featured Art(top):   Kaijumax Season 4 #1

Origin: Zander Cannon started out his career as one of the indy/self-publishing darlings of ’90’s comics with his original series The Replaceent God.  Later, he’d reach mainstream notoriety working with legendary writer Alan Moore on Top Ten & SMAX the Adventurer.  Currently, he’s garnering many a glowing review for his “Godzilla”/video-game inspired series Kaijumax!

Base of Operations:  Minneapolis

Media:  pencils, pen/ink

Credits:  Double Barrel, Heck, Justice League: Trinity War, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Phantom Stranger, and many more!

Links:  @zander_cannon  ::   kaijumax.com

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