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Comics Illustrator of the Week: Jack Kirby

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Comics Illustrator of the Week: Alex Ross

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Alex Ross

Featured Art(top): Marvel Legacy #1 variant cover(2017)

Origin:  Alex Ross has been a superstar of super-hero comics art since painting the critically acclaimed 1994 series Marvels.  He’s currently creating covers for Amazing Spider-Man, as well as working on various other projects like the exclusive limited edition Universal Monsters set of prints, which premiered at SDCC 2017.

Base of Operations: Chicago, IL 

Media:  traditional

1st  Appearance(comics):  Terminator: The Burning Earth #1(1990)

Credits:  Earth X, Justice, Marvels, Uncle Sam, Yellow Submarine, and many more!

Links:  @thealexrossart  ::  alexrossart.com

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