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Comics Illustrator of the Week: Ashley M. Witter

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Ashley M. Witter

Featured Art(top):   Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20 Cover A

Origin:  What if the human race died off and the animals left behind became self aware and intelligent?  That’s the premise behind Ashley M. Witter and writer Ash Maczko’s brain-child, Squarriors!  As the squirrel and fox clan wars rage on, so does Ashley M. Witter’s career doing some of her best work on Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra covers & many other titles.

Base of Operations:  Chicago, IL

Media:  pen/ink, digital paint

Credits:   Bloodthirsty, Gothology Vols. 1 & 2, Scorch, Street Fighter Unlimited, and many more!

Links:  @AshleyMWitter  ::  ashleywitter.com

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