Turn Back the Pages: Rene Gruau & Jack Potter

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Tales of Freelancia by Mike Freiheit No. 21

Dramatically Dark Paintings by Piotr Jabłoński

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Comics Illustrator of the Week: W. Scott Forbes

Comics Illustrator of the Week: W. Scott Forbes

Featured Art(top):  Wayward #29 cover B

Origin:  In addition to his comics work for major publishers like Marvel & DC Comics, W. Scott Forbes has done illustrations for corporate clients like JUICE Pharma & Mattel, plus various projects as Art Director.

Base of Operations:  Toronto, Canada

Media:  digital art

Credits: Effigy, Green Arrow, Iceman, Lando, Rita Repulsa, and many more!

Links:  @ScottForbes  ::

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website – Andy Yates

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Celia Lowenthal

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