Struggling to build a strong Illustration portfolio?

Want to make your website more compelling to Art Directors?

Don’t know where to begin?

Help is here.

Illustration Age’s Portfolio Workshop is designed specifically for serious Illustrators who want to take their portfolio and/or website to the next level.

The best part is, this workshop is tailored to fit your unique needs as a freelance Illustrator.

No more filtering through information that doesn’t apply to you.

No more long hours struggling with the presentation of your work or with your site design.

No more turning Art Directors away with a low-quality portfolio or a confusing website.

Artists who take advantage of IA’s Portfolio Workshop will develop a detailed, step-by-step action plan to immediately improve the quality of their portfolio and website through a one-on-one consultation with IA’s Creative Director, Thomas James.


This is a fantastic service and I hope a lot of people take advantage of it. I will definitely be making most, if not all, of the changes we discussed and I know my portfolio will be stronger because of it!

For me, discussing which pieces should or should not be in my portfolio was one of the most helpful parts. Also, talking about the organization of my website was really helpful as well as our brief discussion about promo pieces.

– Michelle Kondrich – Illustrator –

Having a one on one actual voice conversation was really great. Since our conversation I feel even more inspired to work on new portfolio pieces, as well as look at my current ones with a new pair of eyes. I felt the workshop was very well organized.

I liked that Thomas took the time to look at my portfolio and make specific suggestions about specific pieces. I didn’t at all feel like he was working from some ‘cookie cutter’ formula for all illustrators, since obviously we are all unique individuals.

– Melissa Dow – Illustrator –

Sign up now and upgrade your Illustration portfolio!

You will learn:

  • What to include (and not include) in your portfolio
  • How to show your work in the best possible light
  • How to target your portfolio to your desired market
  • How to win clients over with your About Page
  • How to present yourself as a professional
  • How to build your brand on your website and blog
  • How to increase your chances of getting the work you actually want
  • and more!

How does it work?

I’ll start things off by sending you a short, simple survey to give you a chance to tell me about yourself, and about your unique business.

Then, we’ll get together for a 1-hour, one-on-one telephone consultation to find solutions to your problems, answers to your questions, and plans to reach your goals.

You will receive:

  • 1 hour, one-on-one telephone consultation
  • Portfolio and Website Review
  • Follow-up discussion/resources

Plus these bonus items!

  • 7 Elements of an Effective Portfolio Website – Audiobook (30 min.)
  • Fine-Tuning Your Portfolio – Audiobook (15 min.)

Sign-Up Today

Claim one of the openings in IA’s Portfolio Workshop to get started upgrading your Illustration portfolio and website for only $95 USD! You’ll immediately receive an email with your unique download link for your survey, audiobooks, and 50% off discount code, and I will personally follow up to arrange your one-on-one consultation.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied that IA’s Portfolio Workshop has helped you to substantially improve the quality of your portfolio and/or your website, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked.

About Thomas James

I am an Illustrator, Creative Director, and author of the critically-acclaimed eBook, 15 Steps to Freelance Illustration. I have worked with The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WIRED Magazine, Pentagram and many other clients in my 10+ years as a freelance illustrator.

As a board member for the ICON Illustration Conference and an advisor to the Graphic Artists Guild NY Portfolio Show, I am most passionate about helping my fellow Illustrators build a better business in a climate of constant change.

I have written for Fuel Your Illustration, Design TAXI, and VectorTuts+, and I have been fortunate to appear on Illustration podcasts and blogs such as Big Illustration Party Time, Chris Oatley’s Artcast, Art & Story, Zero 2 Illo, Workbook, Artsy Shark, and Ninja Mountain.

In my continuing mission to help my fellow Illustrators learn to run a better freelance business, I look forward to working with you to improve the quality and effectiveness of your portfolio and website.

Sign up now and upgrade your Illustration portfolio!