Creative Pep Talk Ep. 113 – Marketing Your Work


A podcast of quick casual thoughts on finding your thing in the design and illustration world by illustrator and designer Andy J. Miller.

112 – Quit Hiding

Who run the world? TROLLS.

No I’m not talking about Donald Trump…

In this weeks episode we get real. What’s stoping you from making authentic work? How can you overcome these hurdles and truly connect with your audience?
Thanks to our syndicate Illustration Age, you can find this show at

Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music.

Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes!

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Categories: New Illustration, Podcast

Author:Andy J. Miller

Andy J. Miller is an American illustrator who works with the likes of Nickelodeon, IDEO, Chronicle Books, Converse, Sony, Smart Car, Mental Floss, Real Simple and Bloomberg. He's most known for his self-generated work, The Indie Rock Coloring Book, The NOD daily drawing project, the collaborative exhibit Color Me ______ with Andrew Neyer and his podcast Creative Pep Talk.

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3 Comments on “Creative Pep Talk Ep. 113 – Marketing Your Work”

  1. December 5, 2016 at 6:38 am #


    This is a link to last week’s pep talk. The title and artwork are changed but the attached audio is from episode 112

    Great work nonetheless :)


  2. December 5, 2016 at 6:01 pm #

    Your topics seem interesting,…but I really prefer reading the info. “Sooo” much easier to comprehend, remember & store for future use!

    I can’t “page” through an audio talk to find that “pearl of wisdom” I remembered, like I can when I’m reading the full text!!!!

    I wanted you to know why this artist will never listen to your audio “pep talk”!

    Thanks, for “listening” ;-)

  3. December 9, 2016 at 7:04 am #

    These help me get past my week full of negative people. Thanks again.


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